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The Corporation is committed to conducting its business in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with the highest ethical standards.  This commitment must include the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct from all Personnel.  The Corporation's reputation for honesty and integrity among its security holders is key to the Corporation's success.  No Personnel will be permitted to benefit from violations of laws or regulations or unscrupulous dealings.

The Corporation intends that its business practices will be compatible with the economic and social priorities of each location in which it operates, currently or in the future.  Although customs vary from country to country and region to region, and standards of ethics may vary in different business environments, honesty and integrity must always characterize any business activity.

This Code reflects the Corporation's commitment to honesty, integrity and accountability and outlines the basic principles and policies with which all Personnel are expected to comply.  Please read this Code carefully as all Personnel are responsible for understanding this Code and are accountable for their conduct.  Compliance with this Code and any other policies of the Corporation at all times is essential. 

Failure to comply with this Code and any other policies of the Corporation will be considered a serious breach of duties and responsibilities to the Corporation and will result in remedial measures, which may include immediate dismissal for cause.

In addition to following this Code in all aspects of Personnel's business related activities, Personnel are expected to seek guidance in any case where there is a question about compliance with both the letter and spirit of this code and any other policies of the Corporation.  This Code sets forth general principles and does not supersede the specific policies and procedures that are covered in separate specific policy statements of the Corporation.


This code of business conduct and ethics (this "Code") applies to the employees, officers, directors and consultants of each of Sterling Resources Ltd. and its subsidiaries, and such other persons as agree to be bound by this Code.  Our business partners and suppliers, where possible, will also be expected to conduct their business activities with the Corporation in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, and this Code.  Reference in this Code to the Corporation means collectively Sterling Resources Ltd. and its subsidiaries and branches.